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Radical Revival Scratch Repair

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Flowgenix Radical Revival Formula Instantly Removes Scratches And Repairs Paint

Flowgenix Radical Revival Correction Compound is an all-in-one diminishing abrasive paint correction, enhancement, and finishing polish compound. Specially developed to remove paint defects, marring, and swirls.

  • How It Works: Exclusive MicroPolymer™ technology instantly fills, seals, and erases paint defects, marring, and swirls.
  • Works On All Vehicles: Advanced ColorMatch™ formula works on any color of paint, instantly correct paint and revive your vehicle.
  • Stupidly Simple To Use: We engineered this formula so even a child could use it! You don't need to be a pro to get mind blowing results.
  • Save Thousands Of Dollars: 
    Typical body work costs $1000's. Take advantage of our new technology and save big.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If your vehicle doesn't look brand spanking new, we will refund every penny!