FAQ – Flowgenix


  • How is Flowgenix different from the other popular brands out there?
    Flowgenix Grand Finale Waterless Wash is specially formulated to create a slick, glossy finish and protect your finishes from contaminants like dirt, debris, bugs, and water spots. Due to the level of SiO2 in our custom formulation it also creates a Hydrophobic layer that repels water for months. Ordinary waxes and paint sealants are old technology and don't offer the same level of innovative protection and wash that we do. Old products only shine and protect your vehicle for around 1-2 weeks where Flowgenix protects your vehicle for 6-12 months.

  • How does Flowgenix Waterless Wash clean a bike or car without using water?
    Through a complex formulation of soaps, wetting agents and a ceramic/SiO2 emulsification process, Flowgenix is able to lubricate dirt and grime particles. Once the dirt has become liquefied it just sticks to your microfiber cloth. 

  • Does Flowgenix work on matte and denim paint?
    Absolutely! We have a TON of customers who have used it on their Matte/Denim paint and claim to LOVE it! It will not affect how the paint looks, it will only make it look brand new again.

  • What surfaces can I apply Flowgenix to?
    Flowgenix is super effective on all surfaces, including paint, plastic, rubber, glass, chrome, matte/denim, stainless steel, plastic, headlights, and even your helmet!

  • How often should I use Flowgenix on my vehicle?
    Flowgenix can last up to 6months! However, you may apply it as you please.

  • Does Flowgenix hurt the paint on my vehicle?
    No, Flowgenix actually works as a sealant creating a protective layer between your paint and your bike or car to help prevent other damages.