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Impeccable Interior Water-Repellent Vinyl and Leather Treatment

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Flowgenix Impeccable Interior is a water-based, easy-to-use, hydrophobic water repellent treatment for Vinyl, Leather and Canvas-style fabrics.  Impeccable Interior  works on canvas, leather, suede, shoes, awnings, carpets, upholstery, nylon, and other similar items. It is transparent and breathable, preventing any color change on the material it’s applied upon. Please ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying.


  1. Spray onto the surface until the area is completely soaked.
  2. Using a soft-haired brush, gently work the product into the fibers of the textile.
  3. WAIT for 10 minutes then repeat steps 1 & 2. Allow to dry completely before getting wet.